Thorin and Boromir nonchalantly warn their companions they’re screwed - requested by simplynerdilicious

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Thorin Oakenshield smiled.

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Favourite Crackòvia moments [in no particular order]:

└ Mourinho about El Clásico [07/10/12].

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Les Miserables
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I Dreamed A Dream” - an ode to Real Madrid’s season

There was a time when fate was kind
when we won consecutive games
and by large margins

There was a time when we led La Liga
left Barca in dust
and the world was exciting
there was a time that it all went wrong…

i dreamed a dream of time gone by
when hope was high
and games worth watching

i dreamed that pitches were too dry
too dry for xavi to win matches

then we were young and unafraid
and cups were won and thrown under buses
new stats and records to be made
and the clasico’s didn’t end in losses 

but the new season begins
and new injuries plagued our defence
and we lose game after game
as they turn our dreams to shaaaaaaaaame

Our players spend the games asleep
and Marca churns out endless wankage
Mou hates us all; Cris wants to leave
and fucking Atletico is beating us?????

And still I dream of victories
And that we’ll end the season with glory
But there are dreams that cannot be
and these points can’t be recovered

I had a dream this season would be
So different than this hell i’m living
So different now than how it seemed
At least…we still have Champion’s League………………..?

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1. who’s your idol? Robbie ‘God’ Fowler.

2. If you were a football player what position would you be? I always played right wing when I played football.

3. In a movie, would you be the villain or the good guy? Definitely the villain. More interesting.

4. Heads or tails? Tails.

5. Is it football or soccer?  Grrr. Always football. If you call it soccer then we can’t be friends. (see URL)

6. Would you cut yourself if your celebrity was caught smoking pot? Hahaha No? Why on earth would I do that?

7. What’s one team you cannot stand? Manchester lhjkllgjkl United.

8. You’re pregnant with a rapists baby. Do you keep the baby or have an abortion? Have an abortion.

9. Do you believe in aliens?Yes!

10. Truth or dare? Dare!

11. What footballer do you call when you’re in a fight? There are so many! Martin Skrtel, DAgger and Sergio Ramos for me, though!


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1. If you had to pick a football player from a rival team to play for your club, who would it be?

2. What is your guilty pleasure?

3. What one item could you not live without?

4.If you could live in any other country, which would it be?

5. Name one thing that really makes you angry?

6. Who is your favourite football OTP?

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9. What is the first thing that comes into your mind after reading this question?

10.Which footballer do you think would make the best movie star?

11. If you could compare your life to any movie which would it be and why?

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              Happy New Year!

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